About Us
QCheck is a Quality Control company dedicated to insuring that your REO properties are being maintained properly, safety issues are addressed, and that repair work paid for is being completed in a professional manner.

Maintenance - Are your REO properties being maintained according to your high standards and are the services that you have paid for being performed?
QCheck will provide detailed reports and photos of property conditions. We will assure that your properties are being maintained to your standards and that the services you are paying for are being performed.
Liability / Safety - Have all safety issues been addressed on your REO homes?
QCheck will verify that all safety issues are addressed. We will be your eyes and ears in the field helping to limit your liability.
Repairs - Did you just order a repair work on an REO property?
At QCheck we will QC the work and report back the results. We will assure the work was performed and in a professional manner.

If you have concerns about any of the above statements QCheck can assist you in Quality Checking, Assuring, and Controlling your properties. Please contact us for a fully personalized inspection for your properties.
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